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Enhancing Efficiency: The Role of Digitalisation in Foreigner's Residence Agenda.

A new foreigner's law is prepared by the Ministry of Interior, Czech Republic. Digitization of the residence agenda, a new system for registering EU citizens and also strengthening the role of the so-called guarantor.

The newly draafted law is a revision of the old law 326/1999 coll. as amended, and will be regulating the entry and stay of foreigners in the territory, will remove confusions due to frequent amendments and digitalization of the residence agenda will speed up the administrative procedures of issuing residency procedures.

The new law is based on the current law without any substantial changes to the conditions for granting a residence permit. The main change that the new law will bring is the digitization of the residence agenda. Parallel to the new law, a new information system is being built, within which an electronic identity and a foreigner's account will be created for foreigners. "Foreigners will be able to communicate with the authorities from the comfort of their home through a foreigner's account and vice versa. It will make it easier not only for our workplaces, which are in charge of residence procedures, but also for the foreigners themselves. The whole process will be easier and faster," Vit Rakusan.

The new law is proposed to take effect on January 1, 2026, and the new information system should also be launched by that date.

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